Charlie is a tireless performer with a commanding stage presence. He has a number of different shows and talks, including his classic all evening, “Eccentric Look at Suffolk”. He has other shows that you might wish to book him for:

History of English Surnames

Charlie will talk about the Anglo-Saxon and Viking bynames and nicknames we had prior to the Norman Conquest. He will explain how and why surnames evolved after 1066 AD, and the disruption it caused. Charlie then enlightens the audience on the four different types of surnames which includes explaining the meanings of some of the surnames sitting in the audience.

This will be followed by Q&A

History of spoken English

This is not a talk on split infinitives, and what the differences are between the past participle and the past tense. Definitely not! Charlie shows how the seeds of spoken English was first sown, and how each invading force affected the English language with the different sounds they brought. Charlie includes a dialect tour of the British Isles, demonstrating the different facial expressions of each dialect. He also shows how some people he knows that lip read can tell what dialect a person has.

Check here to find out where Charlie is performing in 2017/18. We'll be giving more information over time.

2017 - 2018 Bookings


IMS – In a Manner of Speaking – The Story of Spoken English

ADS After Dinner Speech

ELCEccentric Look at Countryside

ELS – Eccentric Look at Suffolk

ELEA – Eccentric Look at East Anglia

HOS – History of Surnames

OTP – Open to the Public

PF – Private Function




Tues 2nd May – Laxfield Royal Oak – Jamming session - afternoon

Thurs 4th May – BBC Radio Suffolk – 2pm to 3pm

Thurs 4th May – Thurston Library – ELS – OTP

Sat 6th May – WH Smiths – Sudbury – 11am to 1pm, Book Signing Session & Cartoon Demonstration

Sat 6th May – Gestingthorpe History Clup – HOS - OTP

Thurs 11th May – St Osyth Historical Society – HOS - PF

Fri 12th May – Ipswich WFG – MDM - PF

Sat 13th May - 50th Birthday Party – Edwardstone WH - PF

Tues 16th May – BSE Tuesday Probus – HOS - PF

Mon 22nd May – Harlow U3A – HOS - PF

Fri 26th May - Thorpe Bay U3A (Essex) – ELC - PF

Fri 26th May – Morgan Sports Car Club – ADS – PF

Tues 30th May – Laxfield Royal Oak – Jamming session - afternoon


Thurs 1st June – CLA after breakfast talk – PF – Suffolk Show

Thurs 1st June – BBC Radio Suffolk – 2pm to 3pm

Sat 3rd June - Purleigh Church – Purleigh, Essex – HOS – OTP

Sun 4th June – Help for Heroes Concert – The Apex – compère

Fri 9th June – Woolpit Festival – IMS - OTP

Tues 14th June – Earl's Colne W.I. - IMS - PF

Tues 20th June – Dales W.I. - Carton Coleville - afternoon

Sat 24th June – Ipswich County Library – Multi-Cultural Day

Thurs 29th June - Southwold Arts Festival – Eccentric Look at Spoken English



Wed 12th July -  Brentwood Ladies' Probus – ELEA – PF

Tues 18th July – Coddenham History Club – HOS – OTP

Thur 21st July – Symonds Yat – MDM 



Mon 7th Aug – Burford, Oxon - MDM

Tues 15th Aug – Leigh Probus – IMS – PF 

Wed 16th Aug – Colchester PROBUS – IMS - PF

Sun 20th Aug – Hoxne Village Hall – ELS - PF



Wed 6th Sept - Blackwater U3A, Maldon – HOS – PF

Thurs 7th Sept – Wissey U3A – HOS - PF

Mon 11th Sept – Hadleigh U3A – IMS – PF

Thurs 14th Sept – Bradfield St George W.I. - IMS - PF

Sat 16th Sept – EACH – Lowestoft – IMS – ADS - PF

Thurs 21st Sept – Tiptree U3A – HOS - PF



Wed 4th Oct – AEG (Bedford) – HOS - PF

Fri 6th Oct – Holbrook Church Poetry Evening - OTP

Tues 17th Oct – Bentley Tuesday Club – ELS - PF

Tues 17th Oct – Thurston W.I. Group Meeting – IMS – PF

Wed 18th Oct – Eyam – MDM

Mon 23rd Oct – Eyam - MDM

Sat 14th Oct – Northumberland Ave. Methodist Church – BSE – HOS - OTP



Tues 14th Nov – Ickwell Maypole Heritage (Beds) – HOS – P

Tues 21st Nov – Kimpton Probus (Herts) – IMS - PF

Wed 29th Nov – ESAB – Stutton VH – IMS – PF - afternoon



Thurs 14th Dec – Kirton and Falkenham Gardening Club – IMS - PF

Wed 19th Dec – Boxted History Group – ELEA - PF




Sat 6th Jan - East of London FHS – HOS - PF

Fri 19th Jan -  The Havering Antique Collectors Club – HOS - PF



Wed 7th Feb – The Lexden History Club – HOS – church hall – PF



Wed 28th Mar – S.W. Essex Fed. of Townswomen Guild – IMS - PF



Thurs 19th April – Stansted U3A – HOS – PF

Thurs 26th April – Wheathampstead U3A – HOS – PF




Mon 21st May – Roding Valley U3A – HOS - PF



Wed 6th June – Haughley W.I. - IMS - PF

Thurs 7th June – English Speaking Union – Epping – IMS - PF



Wed 4th July – Rayleigh Grange U3A – IMS - PF

Wed 11th July – Thundersley U3A – HOS- PF



Tues 18th Sept – Waltham Forest U3A – IMS - PF

Mon 24th Sept – Hutton U3A – IMS Part 2 - PF



Thurs 13th Dec - Poplar Nurseries Gardening Club – Marks Tey – IMS– PFT


ADS – After Dinner Speech

ELC – Eccentric Look at Countryside

ELS – Eccentric Look at Suffolk

ELEA – Eccentric Look at East Anglia

IMS – In a Manner of Speaking – The Story of Spoken English

HOSS – History of Suffolk Surnames

HOS – History of Surnames

OTP – Open to the Public

PF – Private Function